The Blue Ridge Water Falls

Pearson Falls and Glen is the top national attractions in Polk County, N.C. There  is a walking trail that is 1.4 miles long with 90 ft waterfalls along it. There is 200 different  wild flowers and plants to see. There is one waterfall that you can walk under and you wont get wet you will stay dry.

Great Smoky mountains is a grate place to go hiking

The daily tours of the great smoky  mountains cost money and include a backpack and a trekking pole and snack and lunch with a tour guide for the day. You can go hiking any time of the year and it is a beautiful whenever you go. It is a beautiful place to go for the day and the hiking trails are 4 to 6.5 miles long.

Biking on the Blue Ridge Parkway

They have 10 different bike trails. The Blue Ridge Parkway is a good place to take the family to ride bikes.There is a flat trail and they have the rugged trails for the more experienced bikers.

Cycling on the Blue Ridge Parkway

    They have 10 different bike trail to choose from.You can choose from the flat or the more experienced rugged mountain trails.  The Blue Ridge Parkway is a nice place to take the family to ride and see the pretty mountains. 

The Benefits of Using Natural Supplements

In this article we are going to talk about the benefits of using natural supplements. In order to function properly our body needs its daily dose of minerals and vitamins.

You’re exposing your body to vitamin deficiency and a higher risk of developing illnesses if your food consumption diet does not provide enough vitamins and minerals. As a consequence you need to use supplements to compensate these shortcomings.

When taking supplements you need to be careful because if you take too much of them or for too long, the results can be harmful. And to take it one step further, natural supplements are the best ones to use because they are absorbed and assimilated far more easily by your body than their synthetic counterparts.

Even though synthetic supplements are cheaper, in the long run the natural vitamins and minerals are definitely more cost-effective. Synthetic minerals and vitamins are not easily identified by our body and as a result most of them are eliminated through urine.

The natural version is better because these are made with natural products and our body is able to recognize them and absorb them instantly.

Here are just a couple of examples where natural supplements are put to a very good use:

  • Athletes are using natural enhancers to improve muscular strength and their overall physical performance.
  • In order to prevent any possible birth defects, doctors recommend the use of folic acid to pregnant women.
  • Teenagers and young women usually lack the necessary amount of calcium in the body and vitamin D is used to regulate such deficiency and to keep bones and teeth strong and healthy.
  • Omega 3 supplements are widely known for their significant contribution when it comes to improving heart health conditions.

Even though many supplements are labeled as natural, there are a few artificial ingredients that can be found inside them. Colorants, preservatives and other chemicals are the kind of things that your body does not need and you should always be on the lookout trying to avoid the ‘natural’ supplements that contain such ingredients.

Organic vitamins stand out as one of the best because they are made from organic food sources and usually don’t contain any chemicals or additives. They may be a little bit expensive but are definitely worth their weight in gold.

Natural Supplements And Vitamins For Weight Loss

Weight loss is not just associated with exercise workouts. There are certain natural supplements and vitamins that are exceptionally helpful in achieving your weight loss goals and objectives. You don’t need to have these in surplus amounts, but you need to make certain your body is not deficient in these essentials. Following are a few supplements and vitamins for weight loss that are widely being used in the most effective of weight loss products:


Green tea extract is an effective natural weight loss supplement which is famous for its capability of increasing metabolism in the body. It is also helpful in transforming your fat into a molecular level to serve as fuel for the body and also consists of EGCG which is known for its anti cancer property.


This compound, which is an aid in stabilizing blood sugar levels and reducing cravings, is effectively used in many weight loss products. One such product which contains Chromium Picolinate is Plexus Boost and it is helpful in suppressing your appetite and increasing your energy levels to boost your endurance.


B vitamins such as B1, B3, B5, B7, B2, B6, B12 and B9 are the ones that are present in a complex. If you have a deficiency, you can take them on a singular basis as a lack of these vitamins can be a stopper in your efforts of losing weight. Of these, vitamin B12 is most helpful in boosting energy levels to help you lose weight.


Glucomannan is a dietary fiber which aids in weight loss when taken before a meal. It is a soluble fiber which is helpful in bowel movements so that foods cannot linger in the body for too long to cause stomach related problems. Because it is a fiber, it is better to have a glass full of water whenever using this compound.


This vitamin is helpful in strengthening the immune system as well as boosting you mood. It does not really help with weight loss, but a deficiency of vitamin D can lead to weight gain. So if the body is sufficient in this vitamin, it can maintain its shape without further gaining weight.


Zinc is helpful in increasing rates of metabolism and also helps your body by producing the thyroid hormone which is responsible for the maintenance of healthy body weight. Supplements are singularly available in the form of pills, but zinc is also found in many foods such as nuts, meat and seafood.

Before starting to consume any of the vitamins or natural supplements for weight loss mentioned above, it is advisable to consult your doctor or a nutritional expert to provide you with better guidance.

Hair Loss Herbs – Natural Herbs and Vitamins That May Help Fight Hair Loss

Losing your hair can be devastating. According to experts, approximately 50% of men are plagued with genetic hair loss (i.e. male pattern baldness). And unfortunately in our youth-and-beauty-obsessed culture this can affect everything from the women you attract to the salary you earn.

So what can you do? The good news is that you don’t have to go bald. There are lots of options including hair transplants, hairpieces, drugs and even hair loss herbs.

If you don’t want the negative side effects of drugs – and can’t afford an expensive transplant or hairpiece – you may be interested in which herbs help combat hair loss. This article will outline some herbs, vitamins and other foods that have been rumored to be effective with male pattern baldness:

#1 Saw Palmetto

This herbs is made from the berries of the palm tree native to South Atlantic coast. You can often find it in health food stores in capsule or liquid tincture form. It comes by itself (which can be expensive if you’re buying a lot of it). You can also usually find it in a good hair loss herbal formula.

Saw Palmetto reportedly works in a similar fashion to drugs like Propecia and Proscar by indirectly blocking the conversion of testosterone to DHT (which causes genetic balding). So you get similar benefits of these drugs – but without the side effects.

#2 Dong Quai

This herb contains phytoestrogens that work by blocking androgen-receptor sites and reducing the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, or DHT.

#3 Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil (and flax seeds) provide lignans for your body which helps fight bacteria, viruses and fungi. Flaxseed oil boosts the health of your hair and even helps your body to detoxify and improve circulation to your scalp.

#4 B-Complex Vitamins

These can help, especially with stress-induced hair loss (even though you may genetically susceptible to losing your hair, stress can speed up the process).

B vitamins have also been reported to reduce the oily buildup in the scalp and strengthen the hair itself. Another vitamin that may help is vitamin C as it helps you deal with the stress hormones that circulate in your body and can cause temporary hair thinning.

#5 Chamomile

This has been reported to help in the hair growth process and you can get it in Chamomile tea, shampoos, conditioners and even hair lotions.

#6 Vitamin E

This is a powerful antioxidant which helps produce free radical damage and fights premature aging (i.e. hair loss). It also helps promote healthy skin and hair.

Other hair loss herbs:

Rosemary, nettle and horsetail are said to promote hair growth by increasing blood circulation to the scalp and unclogging the pores so the nutrients from the herbs can get to the hair follicle easily. You can find them in shampoos lotions and even sometimes in teas or tinctures.

So those are some of the best herbs for hair loss. I’m not saying any of these herbs/vitamins are a complete solution for male pattern baldness.

Everyone is different and you have to research to find the right solution for you. Just be aware however that in this day and age, you don’t have to suffer with the embarrassment of losing your hair. There are solutions out there that have helped a lot of guys – including herbal and natural options!

Natural Herbs – Power of Herbal Medicine

Natural herbs can be used to cure many health problems. Here are a few ways in which you too can improve your health and increase your energy level using only natural herbal remedies.

Many uses of natural herbs

People use herbs differently to improve their ways of life. For instance, you may find diet herbal supplement, as well as body creams and lotions with medicinal herbs.

Most commonly natural herbs are used to combat:

  • high blood pressure
  • acne
  • arthritis
  • difficulties with menopause
  • hair loss
  • anxiety
  • depression

Medicinal natural herbs are mostly found in Asia. One reason is climate – warm and humid it promotes plants growth. It is also traditional way of living, using healing herbs as natural remedies. Recently the Western world has also caught on the usage of medicinal herbs, as being better than the use of traditional medicines. Most commonly use natural herbs are Aloe Vera, Tee Tree, chamomile, Rosemary, Sage and St John’s wort.

Why people prefer alternative herbal treatments to conventional drugs?

Many of us trust healing plants in place of common medicine, because using herbal medicine is a safer alternative to ordinary drugs. Natural herbs almost always will give you the results desired however, it will not work as fast as strong conventional drugs. This happens because healing herbs work for your entire body, making it stronger, not just fight one problem. However, natural herb medicine is still medicine which means that a doctor should prescribe your herbal remedy. Also remember to finish the course even after you started to feel better, otherwise you will not gain the full benefit of herbal treatment.

Finding the right natural medicinal herbs for you

Many people with serious chronic diseases turn to natural remedies for cure, relief and a generally better life. Even though natural herbs are harmless, selecting the right herbal remedy is important, because there are no magical “cure all” herbs. For herbal medicine to work best it should be taken at the right dosage and at the right time of day, usually morning is recommended.

And how will you know what herbs you need? The only way is to check with a doctor if there is an herbal treatment for your condition and whether it will help you. Don’t just go to a Chinese herbs shop and buy whatever remedy they recommend, it might not work for you.

Taking any medicine including medicinal herbs without doctor’s advice is really not a good idea, because healing plants are still medication. Never forget that you will not gain any benefits if you administer the wrong herb, quantity or treatment.

Locating your natural herbal remedies

Visit a clinic that specializes on alternative medicine, they can give you qualified advice. They will fully check your health. Be prepared to go through a full examination, because for holistic medicine it is very important to cure all diseases as a complex. After that the doctor will tell you what natural herb or combination of herbs you need, to cure or relief to your suffering as well as help you live longer and healthier.

You can find very many herbs that have medicinal properties. So all you really need to do is to determine which herbs to use for which situation. Than discuss it with your doctor and you will be on the path to curing your diseases with natural herbs.

10 Effective Home Remedies for Eye Flu

Eye flu is the infection of the eyes. It is also known as conjunctivitis or the pink eye. It causes sore eyes. The thin transparent membrane over the white part of the eyes gets inflamed. The blood vessels present swell up, and therefore the redness occurs. The severity of the infection varies from one person to another.

This flu is normally present with other respiratory infection symptoms. It is highly contagious and spreads from one person to another easily. It can be caused by a bacteria or virus. It is difficult to tell whether it is cause by bacteria or whether it is viral. Children are more vulnerable to this infection.

The cause for getting this flu could be due to the weather. It is a common problem in cold weather and in rainy seasons. Other reasons could be due to some allergy, smoke, pollution, swimming pools and chemicals. The virus which causes the eye flu is the same virus which causes common cold and cough. So depending on the way in which the virus has been transmitted, one gets the infection. If the person with this virus rubs or touches his hands to the eyes, the person gets the eye flu. Similarly, the bacteria causing this flu are the same bacteria responsible for ear infections.

The symptoms are redness of the eye, itching, discomfort, swelling, pain, discharge, stickiness and sensitivity to light. In some severe cases, it can affect the vision too.

Viral infections do not respond to antibiotics. However for the flu caused by bacteria, there are antibiotics and ointments for treatment. Some home remedies for the eye flu can aid in giving relief from the burning and inflammation. Some of the home remedies are:

1. Potato: Cut a potato and place the slice over the eyelids.

2. Rose Water: Put one or two drops of rose water as eye drops. This will help clear the eye.

3. Tea Bags: Moist Chamomile tea bags can be placed on the eyelids for relief.

4. Coriander: Take coriander leaves and boil. Cool and strain the liquid. Use this as an eyes wash.

5. Marigold: Infusion can be made to use for washing the eyes.

6. Compress: Dip a small towel or cloth in water. Squeeze out the water and place this cloth on the eyes for relief.

7. Juices: Mix spinach and carrot juice. Drink this regularly.

8. Goldthread leaves: Soak the goldthread leaves in water. Stain and use this for washing.

9. Indian gooseberry: Drink the juice of Indian gooseberry.

10. Triphala: This is a well known Indian ayurvedic remedy. Soak triphala and strain. Use this for washing or consume triphala powder with water.

Do not rub or strain your eyes. It is best not to share towels, hankies and other personal things. If you have the flu, refrain from sharing linen, pillows and your sunglasses. Avoid close contact and wash hands regularly. Wash eyes with cool water. Wear dark glasses so as to keep dirt away. Use a clean sterile cotton ball dipped in warm water to clean the discharge. Increase your immunity by eating healthy food and exercising.

Source by James E Napier